Wood Moulding Assembly Instructions
Components: Picture frame cut into 4 Rails - Thumbnails For Routed Grooves

Step 1.

Identify the top and bottom, and left and right rails of your frame. Apply glue generously to the adjacent ends of the first corner you wish to join.

Step 2 .

Place the two rails you are joining face down and align the routed grooves. Insert the thumbnails with hand pressure into the grooves, being sure that the grooves are the same depth as the thumbnail.

Step 3 .

Turn this corner over and press down on the face of the frame with the heel of your hand on a flat surface. Use enough pressure to push the thumbnail into the grooves until they are flush with the back of the frame. Wipe off the excess glue with a damp cloth. Continue for each corner.

Step 4 .

Let the glue dry for about one hour before framing your artwork